Playing Disc Golf Can Improve Mental Health and Be a Safe Alternative To Contact Sports During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Disc golf Mental Health

Covid-19 was something no one saw coming or was prepared for. Though there is a light slowly coming at the end of this long adverse tunnel, it has left behind severe impacts on mental health along the way. Isolation, fear, anxiety – these are all things that millions of people are currently facing, and mental … Read more

The Perfect Putt In Disc Golf – How to & Disc golf putting game app

The Perfect Putt In Disc Golf - How to

The Perfect Putt In Disc Golf – How to If you’re an avid fan of disc golf, you know the careful concentration required to sink a disc golf putt and you’ve probably wonder how to achieve that the perfect disc golf putt… . Unlike the first throws of the game that are focused on distance, … Read more

Winter Season

Winter Season.. Up here in the North the snow is falling, the temperatures are going into the negative. Long gone are the afternoon runs on the course, or the morning shanks into a shrubbery. With that said, let’s switch up the mood to something more cheerful! I’m planning Putt-training the entire winter, I’ve gotten one neat portable … Read more