The Future & History of Disc Golf

The Future & History of Disc Golf

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The Future of Disc Golf: Viral videos & Covid-19

The Future & History of Disc Golf.
In the last 5 years the sport has received more media attention than in it is 40 years history. The effect of mobile cameras can be seen clearly. Players, both PRO’s and Amateurs contribute with amazing clips of impossible stunts ending with the clips going viral on social medias.

Just look at the legendary Albatross thrown by Philo Brathwaite or the more recent Ace by Kevin Jones

Those 2 clips have drawn millions of eyes to the sport. In this year, 2020, with all the social distancing going on, the sport has grown evermore with players discovering it for the first time and sharing their progress or epic throws on social media.

We can look forward to another media boom with the the heart of primetime two ESPN2 broadcast of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship finals to air on Tuesday, November 24th, at 8 PM Eastern days before Thanksgiving

What are your thoughts on the future?

How will the sport look in the future?

What new game changing innovation do you think will happen?

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