The Perfect Putt In Disc Golf – How to & Disc golf putting game app

The Perfect Putt In Disc Golf – How to

If you’re an avid fan of disc golf, you know the careful concentration required to sink a disc golf putt and you’ve probably wonder how to achieve that the perfect disc golf putt… . Unlike the first throws of the game that are focused on distance, a disc golf putt requires a certain level of precision and practice in order to get right. 

Our disc golf guide will go over everything you need to know about achieving the perfect disc golf putt.  Whether you’re choosing your putting style or practising using the Perfect Putt 360 app, this disc golf guide will help you up your disc golf game for that perfect putt.


Choose Your Putting Style

The first thing our disc golf guide suggests is to decide which putting style works best for you. This refers to how the disc flies out of your hand towards the basket, which can be one of two options depending on the movements of your wrist. 
No matter which of these styles you choose, be sure to pick one that feels the most comfortable.

Spin Putt

While discs are always going to spin through the air during a disc golf putt, the spin putt style specifically emphasizes the spin of the disc. 
In this style, you’ll snap your wrist to throw the putter with spin, stabilizing the putter and giving your putter line a definite shape. 
The spin putt style usually feels more natural than the push putt style, but it is often less consistent.

Paul Mcbeth is a perfect ambassador for the spin putt.

Push Putt

The push putt style focuses more on pushing the disc towards the basket than it does spinning it.  This style requires you to flick the disc with your supporting fingers and snap at the hips, giving the disc as little spin as possible.  While this helps the disc fly in a straighter line, it can be tough to use when putting from further away.


Find The Right Disc Golf Putter

Once you’ve decided on your disc golf putt style, it’s time to choose a disc golf putter. 
The most important thing to do is choose a putter that feels comfortable. 
Factor in things like the deepness of the rim, how straight the disc flies, and what its flight ratings are. 

The Innova Aviar is certainly one of the most popular putters, but you may want to try out several of them in order to feel out which one works best for you.


Pick A Stance That Works For You

Your disc golf putt is about much more than just how you throw the disc.  You’ll want
to focus on your entire body, using your legs to help generate power for your throw.  There are two stances you can choose from: the offset stance and the inline stance. 

The offset stance/ Staggle

This stance requires you to offset your feet, putting one foot slightly in front and one slightly behind. 

The foot that goes in front should be on the same side as the arm you’re throwing with. With your back foot at a diagonal, you’ll shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot as your throw.

Paige Pierce is a perfect example of a player who uses this stance.

The inline stance/ Straddle

This stance works by having your feet inline with each other at shoulder width apart.

You’ll bend your knees slightly and use your full body to help you throw the disc.  Choose a stance that feels comfortable and helps support your putt.

Kevin Jones is a perfect example of a player who uses this stance.


Plan Out Your Putt

Your disc golf putt will depend on numerous factors that you’ll have to take into consideration each time you throw. 

  • Are there any trees or other obstacles in your way? 
  • Are you putting from above or below the basket? 
  • Are there any hazards such as water that will hinder you in the event that you miss your putt? 
  • What’s the temperature like? 
  • Is wind going to affect your putt?

You’ll have to plan for each of these factors when deciding your putting position.


Relax And Focus

Now that you’ve chosen your stance, picked out the perfect putter, and planned for any obstacles or outside factors, it’s time to pause. Imagine this putt is just a disc golf putting game with your peers.

The perfect disc golf putt is about more than just physical effort–it’s also about mental effort.  Don’t rush yourself.  Take your time, doing several practice throws with just your hand or pretending to throw the disc.  Bring yourself into the moment and focus on the throw.  Focus on the individual elements: the basket, the chains, what the disc will look like gliding out of your hands and into the basket.  And no matter what, be confident in your putt.

Confidence is key to achieving the perfect disc golf putt.

Robbie C Disc Golf on YouTube is a great mentor to preach the importance of a good Mental Game.


Practice, Practice, Practice

If you get anything out of this disc golf guide, it’s the importance of practice. 
No one ever became an expert in anything without countless hours of practice. 

In order to achieve the perfect disc golf putt, you’ve got to take the time to practice putting in different styles and with different putters. 
Only then can you find out what works for you, develop consistency in your putting, and find out what feels the most comfortable.


Disc golf Putting game app: Perfect Putt 360

Speaking of practice, Perfect Putt 360 is the perfect way to train your brain to develop the perfect putt.  Perfect Putt 360 is an app that lets you practice putts from a variety of distances in order to train yourself how to handle any kind of putt. 

The way Perfect Putt 360 works is by having you measure each distance from the pole, throwing 10 putts from each distance marked. 
You’ll win one point for each putt you make, with putts at the longest distance earning you double points.  By the time you achieve the perfect putt and sink every shot, you’ll be ready for any disc golf tournament you come across!

Practicing with Perfect Putt 360, selecting the right disc golf putter, and any of the other tips in this disc golf guide are all vital to getting better at disc golf. 
All it takes is a little time and effort to get the perfect disc golf putt.


We at Nordic Disc Golf hope that this article where helpful! Make sure that you head on over to our Wiki for more guides, tips and tricks!

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