Welcome to a brand new site for Disc golf.

Hi there! Yeah, you! Welcome to a brand new site for Disc golf.

We’re very happy to see that you’re one of the very first to discover this site!

As you’ll discover, some areas on here is still not 100% ready yet, we were to anxious to get this site out there that we hope you’ll understand and come back to watch the site unfold.

We’ve created this site to be a hub for news and information regarding our lovely sport, Disc Golf. Here you’ll find information about rules, tips and instructional videos from several different pros around the globe, disc releases and you’ll find events&tracks near you, or a place you plan to visit, perhaps they have a killer track by your vacation place?

With that said, we’re thrilled to start this journey with you, if you find the site usefull in any kind, please spread the words to your friends and follow us on our social media.

Best regards.
Max, Hans & Michael

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